1. I'm A Soldier
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Said I’m a soldier
No other way that I should go
And I hope ya feel me, yeah!
No, I’m not puttin’ on a show

I got my helmet of salvation on top my head
On top my head, on top my head
Then a shield of faith from the blood that He shed
Blood that he shed, Oh blood that he shed
Yes my feet are shod with the Gospel of peace
Gospel of peace, gospel of peace
But the word is my sword and strikes from the east
Strikes from the east, it strikes from the east

Oh yes the armor of Christ and we girt with the truth
Girt with the truth, girt with the truth
So we can persevere in the prayers we do
Prayers we do, oh prayers we do
Now on ya chest’s a vest full of righteousness
Righteousness, Righteousness
To put the principalities and the powers to rest
Powers to rest, powers to rest

And I’ll be, I’ll be on my way
With no reservation, contemplation
I got a lot of praise to say
And I hope ya' feel me,
Cause there’s to time to play eh eh eh eh
In this race I’m runnin’
Till kingdom comin’
The savior is on his way

No, I He won’t be gone to November
No, He won’t be gone to November
Here’s a thing that we all should remember
One body but we all are a member
I think it’s time that we all know the truth
I think it’s time that we all know the truth
He’s the seed and King David’s the root
My testimony is proof